Barber Shop Near Me In Fairbanks, AK

With the many new barber shops and salons opening up in Fairbanks, AK, it can be difficult to find a high-quality barber shop.

That's why we've compiled a list of the top barber shops in the city to help you make an informed decision.

These barber shops offer a wide range of services, including classic buzz cuts, stylish taper fades, and modern slicked back undercuts.

Some of the locations on our list are local favorites that may not be well-known to outsiders, but are definitely worth seeking out.

So if you're in search of a great haircut in Fairbanks, be sure to check out these top-rated barber shops!

If you need inspiration or guidance on what to tell your barber about the haircut names, we’ve got you covered:

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1. JVS Barbershop

Juan is an exceptional barber, hands down the best in Fairbanks and possibly even all of Alaska.

He is a true professional who listens carefully to his clients' requests and always delivers exceptional results.

His haircuts and blends are top-notch, and if you're looking to get a haircut before a special occasion like a date or prom, he is definitely the barber to see.

The overall experience of getting a haircut from Juan is truly 5-star - you'll be so pleased with the result that you'll be driving around the block just to show off your new look!

He is truly skilled with the clips and shears, and you won't be disappointed by the end result.

Address: 101 College Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States


Phone: +19077502158


2 months ago

2. Just Haircuts

Joe is the absolute best barber around! We initially brought our boys to him for haircuts and were blown away by the amazing job he did.

Now, we all come to him for our haircuts. He is known for his attention to detail and patience, making him a must-try for anyone in search of a great haircut. Trust us, you won't be disappointed by the end result!

Address: 2319 S Cushman St, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Website: N/A

Phone: +19074524487


a month ago

3. J D Styles

I recently took my son in for a haircut for school, and we were able to get an appointment right away. Kayle was our stylist, and she did a fantastic job.

She took the time to listen to my son's preferences and gave him a haircut that he was thrilled with.

It was the first time he had ever been completely happy with his haircut, and I attribute that to Kayle's skill and attention to detail. We will definitely be returning to see Kayle again in the future.

Address: 246 Illinois St #2a, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Website: N/A

Phone: +19074588171


2 months ago

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How Much Does A Hair Cut Cost In Fairbanks, AK

If you're looking to save money on a haircut, consider visiting a barbershop. Barbers tend to charge less than hairstylists at salons, and their haircuts are generally simpler and easier to maintain, requiring fewer expensive hair products.

In Fairbanks, the average price range for men's haircuts is $25-$70, with most haircuts costing around $25 on average.

However, the specific price you pay may vary based on factors such as the barber, location, and the haircut you choose.

What Services do Barber Shops in Fairbanks Offer?

It depends on where you go and the expertise of the barber in question. Many barbers offer standard services like men’s haircuts and scalp massages.

However, barber shops do provide unique services such as:

  • Men’s and Boy’s Haircuts
  • Scalp Massage & Conditioning Treatment
  • Straight Razor and Wet Shave
  • Beard Sculpting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Grey Blending
  • Facials
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