how to style nike dunk lows

Styling 101: How to Rock Your Nike Dunk Lows Like a Pro

Style savvy folks! You've probably seen it, you've probably wanted it - yeah, I'm talking about those sick Nike Dunks.

In recent years, these babies have been hot, hot, hot! With those tantalizingly limited releases, these kicks are flying off the shelves like no one's business.

Now, most Dunks are known for their peacock-esque parade of colors and tantalizing textures - making them a wee bit challenging to style, but, oh, so worth it!

Rewind to 1985 - enter stage right: the Dunk, originally a skateboarder's staple. Fast-forward to today, and it's not just a shoe, it's an attitude.

It's about effortless style, it's about aesthetic swagger. So, you wanna strut your stuff in these? Wanna learn how to weave them into your day-to-day looks? You've hit the jackpot - everything you need is right here!

From your chill, everyday ensemble to those razor-sharp, tailored threads, the Dunk shoe can take 'em all on!

Don't stop now, keep scrolling to unlock my stylist's treasure chest of tips and tricks on how to make those Dunks work their magic!


What's more classic than a timeless pair of jeans styled with Nike Dunks, right? Picture this: the sleek lines of a Nike Dunk harmonizing with the rugged charm of denim - it's a match made in style heaven!

When you're rocking those Dunk lows, remember to keep those legs straight-cut and the overall volume relaxed.


When it comes to Dunks, they seem to have this little love affair with loose-fitting pants - whether it's straight-leg or those rad baggy fits, they're all good.

On the flip side, when you're working those Dunk high-tops, they're pretty cozy with a slim or skinny fit of jeans.

Think about it: skinny jeans, a billowy hoodie, a snazzy bomber jacket, and Dunk highs - welcome to the modern streetwear nirvana!

But hey, if you're a low-top lover, I've got you covered! How about straight-leg jeans, a cozy knit sweater, a slick leather jacket, and those Dunk lows? That's your cheat sheet to an effortlessly stylish, go-to look.

Now, if your Dunks are showing off a full spectrum of colors, balance the game by toning down the rest of your fit with some cool, earthy neutrals.

Here's an extra nugget for you: never underestimate the power of accessories! A minimalist cap or a cool backpack can be that cherry-on-top to complete your look.

Remember, with Nike Dunks, the world's your runway!


Cargo Craze with Nike Dunks

Not feeling the denim vibe? No sweat, cargo pants are your style savior when it comes to teaming up with those Dunks.

These comfort kings with their roomy silhouettes and oversized pockets are like PB&J with Nike Dunks.

Try on a pair of khaki or black cargo pants, slip into a punchy graphic tee, and layer a flannel overshirt on top.

Now, let's get to the shoes - black and white Dunk Lows, aka the slick panda colorway, will nail this look.

Jazz it up with some neck chains and cap it all off with a baseball cap for that off-the-charts cool factor.

Don't sweat about matching your gear with the colors of the shoes - it's more about them vibing with the overall outfit.

Stick to earthy hues for a monochromatic masterpiece - think shades of brown, cream, beige, khaki, and grey.


Here's a bonus styling tip: Don't forget your wrist game. A statement watch or a stack of bracelets can be that extra dash of spice to your cargo-Dunk combo.

Whether you're rocking it on the streets or chilling at a café, remember, with Nike Dunks, you're always in style!

Sweatpants Swag with Nike Dunks

When you're all about that laid-back, cozy-as-a-cloud vibe, but still wanna dial up the style factor, sweatpants are your secret weapon.

Especially when winter rolls around, sweats can bring the heat while keeping you looking cool as ice. In all shades and tones – particularly off-white, black, beige, and grey – they're your ultimate style savior on those "I just can't even" kinda days.


Now, bring in the Nike Dunk and watch the style magic happen. If you're team Dunk Low, how about adding a cheeky pop of color with some mismatched socks? Top it off with an oversized hoodie, a snug knit jumper, or a cozy sweater, and you're golden.

Here's a look for you to steal: black sweatpants, a beige hoodie, a trendy bucket hat, and those Nike SB Dunk Low x Travis Scott making your outfit pop like a firework.

But let's add a little something-something: how about a cool, oversized denim jacket thrown over your shoulders for those cooler days or nights? Just like that, you're rocking sweatpants and Dunks like a street style star!


Suit Up with Nike Dunks

Believe it or not, Nike Dunks can look amazing paired with suits for a chic, street-smart style.

Pair your Dunk Lows with a sharp, slim-fit suit in a neutral tone for a modern and unexpected business casual look.

A simple white tee under the blazer keeps it relaxed, and the Dunks add that unexpected edge.


Shorts & Skirts – A Daring Dunk Pair

Why not swap those pants for some shorts or even a skirt? On those warmer days, pair your Dunks with some loose-fitting denim shorts or even a playful skirt.

Add a boxy tee or a cool crop top, and you've got yourself a breezy and fun look.

Athleisure for the Win

Nike Dunks also pair perfectly with athleisure gear. Whether you're heading to the gym or just running errands, a pair of sleek athletic leggings or joggers, a sports bra or tank, and a lightweight hoodie or bomber jacket will look sporty chic with your Dunks.


Chill Out in Tracksuits

For those super relaxed days, nothing beats a comfy tracksuit. A matching tracksuit in a vibrant color with a simple tee or crop top underneath will give you a cool and coordinated look.

Add a pair of Dunks, and you'll be oozing that effortless cool.

Remember, the secret to styling Nike Dunks is all about balance. If your Dunks are bold and colorful, keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

If your Dunks are more understated, feel free to play with colors and patterns in your clothes. Ultimately, your Dunks should complement your look, not compete with it. Happy styling!

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