Middle Part Hairstyles

Middle Part Hairstyles: Who It Suits And How To Style it Properly

The middle parting is no longer a sin of the 90s. Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, in particular, have revived the style and made it socially acceptable for today's generation of men.

We will explain to you what defines a middle parting hairstyle, how to style it correctly, and how to care for it perfectly.

Characteristics of the middle parting and who can wear it.

The classic middle parting is characterized by the separate sections of hair in the middle of the head.ย 

While hair used to be combed to the side with a lot of gel and looked rather sticky or flat today, the focus is on a naturally casual look with more volume, and the hair no longer has to sit so precisely.

By the way, the middle parting is a hairstyle that suits both older men and boys. It can be worn regardless of age.ย 

How to style a center part: step-by-step instructions

If you want to style a middle parting, you should have medium-length or long hair, so the hairstyle falls loosely and looks natural.ย 

If the hair is too short, the hairstyle usually does not look good. The most important part is the hair's front part, which will give volume to your center parting at the end.


First you should wash your hair thoroughly.


Next, lightly pat your hair dry. They must beย still wet but not dripping because the natural-looking middle parting is formed while the hair is still wet.


Now work some mousse into your still-damp hair.


Next, you need a round brush and a hair dryer. Use the round brush to twist your hair in and brush it backward or away from the middle of your head to the left and right side, creating the classic center parting.

At the same time, blow dry your hair.ย The volume is created by slightly twisting the hair.

However, it is important that you comb your hair loosely and do not pull too hard so as not to tear it out. You should also keep a little distance from the hair dryer so that your hair does not burn.

Tip:ย If you want to style the middle parting regularly with the help of a hair dryer, you should use a heat protection spray so as not to damage the hair in the long run.


You blow-dry your hair until it is dry and takes on the desired shape. You can work in a little wax if they don't sit perfectly yet.

How To Maintain center parting properly

The middle parting lives from its voluminous natural hair, which is why appropriate care is particularly important.

Especially medium-length hair has a slightly higher demand than short hairstyles.

Don’t use too many styling products

Wax, gel, and mousse can damage the hair in the long term. Here it is important to give your hair a break from time to time and to have days when you do not use styling products.

Use high-quality styling and care products

There are big differences, especially when it comes to hair products.

It is worth investing a little more money and using products from professionals because these usually contain significantly more active ingredients than the cheap versions from the supermarket.

It is best to ask your hairdresser about this.

Wash your hair regularly, but not too often

Shampoos dry the hair and scalp, leading to dandruff and split ends.

Here it is important to use a particularly mild shampoo and not wash your hair daily. Of course, any styling residue should be removed from the hair.

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