The Mullet Haircut For Men

How the Mullet is Worn and Whether The Hairstyle is Still Modern

The mullet is the hairstyle of the 80s – but what is it actually about, and is it still modern today? let's find out!

mullet types

In essence, the mullet is basically a type of hairstyle with two different lengths.

But even so, there are different types of mullet cut for men, admitting different bangs, layers, and extensions.

In fact, we can find long and shorter mullet cuts. Your choice will depend on your personal tastes.

And that is where its success lies! In the wide possibilities that it admits, taking into account that its hallmark is clear: long hair at the back and short hair at the front.

Origin of mullet hair

Already in those years, we could also see it in other artists such as Jane Fonda or Paul McCartney, becoming popular as a unique style in the 80s, especially among the female audience.

Who does not remember that mythical look of Tina Turner taking it to the extreme with a very long platinum tone?


But the high point of the mullet haircut is found in the 90s. It was then that it marked a before and after, revolutionizing hair trends, especially among urban fashion and the most daring women.

5 mullet hairstyles for men

As we have mentioned, the mullet hair returns to its origin: men! Here are the 5 most popular mullet hairstyles for guys that are literally taking the world by storm.

1. classic mullet cut



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The classic or traditional mullet is the most recognized. 

The fundamental thing: is to wear the hair longer at the nape of the neck –although never exceeding the neck– with shorter sides and fringes that only reach the middle of the forehead.

The man mullet that is undoubtedly hitting hard is this one, the thug of all.

It shares a look similar to the classic but adds a Mohican-style undercut on the sides, adding some volume to the back. very punk. total rebel.

If you have curly or wavy hair and are thinking of getting a mullet, there is an option for you too.

The curly mullet hair is worn with a lot of volume both at the nape and at the top. It is undoubtedly one of the most flattering cuts for men with curly hair and is the current trend.

This look combines a length that can even touch the shoulders with bowl bangs. 

If you wear slightly shaved temples, the bangs' horizontality will be especially underlined. 

In the back, we recommend several layers to give more movement.

5. Short mullet Haircut (WOLF CUT)



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Another alternative is to opt for a short mullet hairstyle in the 'wolf cut' style. 

It is a look with bangs and many layers, in addition to providing a lot of volume at the top and less density at the nape area. 

In short, minimize the difference between the two parts so that there is not much disconnection and it seems like a short and casual style.

Who is the mullet haircut for?

One of the keys to the success of the mullet is that it favors all types of faces. It is very versatile and adapts well to any type of face shape. 

But since it is a daring and risky men's haircut, it especially favors people with oval and round faces since it hides the wide forehead and resizes the facial features.

In other words: the mullet lengthens the silhouette and provides a more rectangular effect.

How to style a mullet haircut

Although we are talking about a haircut that bases its success on its disheveled appearance, we must not forget the keys to styling a mullet.

The premise is to reinforce the idea of ​​a carefree hairstyle. To style it, simply brush backward and give it volume with your hands.

If you like the 'just out of the shower effect, we recommend that you apply hair Spray directly to damp hair.  It will maintain shine and flexibility with a very natural finish and soft hold.

If you prefer more hold, you can opt for any of the stronghold creams or Wax.

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